Save Our Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles Forever

Be The Change for Our Oceans

Baby sea turtle on the beach in the surf

Marine pollution, particularly from plastics, is a devastating issue that affects not just marine life but also the health of our planet. Microplastics are especially harmful, absorbing high concentrations of toxic chemicals from the ocean. That's why we've made it our mission to reclaim our waters and our planet through innovative technology and the help and dedication of people like you.

Introducing Sea Turtles Forever

Founded in 1998 by Marc Ward, Sea Turtles Forever is a 501C3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Seaside, Oregon, committed to combating marine pollution and conserving sea turtles. They've developed a groundbreaking microplastic filtration system using patented Static Charged Filtration (SCF) technology. This carbon-neutral, manually operated system can remove microplastics as tiny as 100 micrometers—the size of a grain of sand.

How You Can Help

  • Pick Up Plastic: Whenever you see plastic waste, pick it up.
  • Recycle Right: Properly recycle or dispose of plastic items.
  • Reduce Consumption: Limit your use of plastic products.
  • Support Sustainability: Choose companies that use eco-friendly packaging.
  • Carry Reusable Bags: Always have a reusable shopping bag on hand.

And Donate!

Your financial support is crucial for the continuation of Sea Turtles Forever's projects. Donations can be made directly at or mailed to:
Sea Turtles Forever
PO Box 845
Seaside, Oregon 97138

Since 2002, we've been leading conservation efforts for sea turtles in Punta Pargos, Costa Rica, protecting the nesting and foraging habits of over 11,000 baby sea turtles annually.

More Turtles, Less Plastic

Adhering to our mantra of "more turtles, less plastic," we conduct at least 40 clean-up operations on the North Oregon coast each year, removing tons of plastic. Through global consultations and support, we're helping remove even more plastic debris worldwide. Become a part of our global network of volunteers who are using our STF screens to clean up beaches around the world. Your efforts can make a real difference. Together, we can create a healthier ecosystem for all life. Become a part of our mission today.